Home Equity Wholesale offers discounted loans with the best home equity rates and refinancing with fast money for qualified homeowners. It's a great time to find an equity loan or a home equity line of credit with no annual fees. Our home equity lenders are standing by ready to help you qualify for an affordable home equity solution that provides the cash and flexibility that you deserve.

Home Equity Rates are at Record Lows! Refinance into an Equity Loan with a Fixed Rate!

Compare rates for fixed refinancing and low rate home equity credit with cash back and tax deductibility benefits. Good credit applicants can choose from prime home equity lines and prime home equity loans. Applicants with poor credit scores should consider equity loan modification alternatives and the HARP refinancing programs that were created to prevent home foreclosures and provide debt consolidation options. We offer traditional home improvement loans and 203K FHA loans that provide affordable capital to fund remodeling or rehabilitation. Remember with a home equity line, you only pay interest on the money you have accessed and with an equity loan, you will make the same payment every month with some going towards principal and some towards interest.

Home Equity Refinancing

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Get money fast with a home refinance, fixed rate home equity loans or credit line with tax deductibility. Getting cash doesn’t mean you have to refinance your 1st home loan.

Home equity loans are 2nd mortgage liens that are based on the equity balance of your property. A home equity loan refinance is the act of refinancing a credit line or 2nd mortgage.

Equity loans allow homeowners to borrow money against their home’s value for debt consolidation, refinancing, and money for home remodeling and repairs.

Homeowners can get access to quick funds with cash out home equity loan refinancing. Get money for financing home remodeling, renovation, improvements and repairs. Homeowners can fund home remodeling with FHA refinancing and conventional cash out home loans.

Now you can replace the heater, build that new deck, fix the fence, remodel the kitchen and install a new swimming pool. You won’t have to come out of pocket either, because our loans allow you to finance the fees and loan costs into the loan.

Home equity lines of credit are excellent forms of revolving credit as 2nd mortgage financing.

Over the last few years consumers have been using home equity credit lines as down-payments in purchase loans and as well as for emergency funds that borrowers can access on their timeline. "Pay as you use" credit lines put the ball back in the consumer's court.

Refinance your variable credit line if the rates are rising. Roll the line into your 1st mortgage and get more cash out.

Buying a new home is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming, so it is imperative that you choose the right lender who will take the time to help you pick out a home loan that you can afford.

We offer new home financing for 1st-time homebuyers with FHA home loans that only require 3% down and marginal credit.

We are proud to introduce 100% VA home loans that require zero-down for qualified veterans.

Home Equity Loans
Home equity loans are tax deductible and the interest rates are competitive and in most cases lower than consumer loans that offer no tax deductibility.
According to a recent Mortgage Banking study, pragmatic home improvements and renovation may enhance your property value significantly.
Equity Line of Credit
Equity lines of credit are considered open-end loans that revolve like a credit card. Homeowners pay interest only when they use home equity funds.
Home Financing
Choose from conventional and jumbo loans when loan amounts exceed $417,000. We also offer home purchase loans for vacation and investment homes.

Comparing Home Equity Loans Credit Lines – The Federal Reserve has increased the prime rate several times over the last few years but with home prices reduced insiders believe that a rate cuts are coming. Rates for equity loans and credit lines remain low. Home Equity Loan Specials - Stop wasting time shopping for loans online. With Home Equity Wholesale you always get discounted home refinance loan products as soon s they hit the market. Ask your loan officer about our no equity loans for home renovating.
Home Construction – Home building remains flat with mixed numbers being reported across the 50 states. New home developments continue to stabilize as the interest rates have become more affordable for local real estate. See Housing Reports for the skinny. Comparing Home Equity to Unsecured Loans – Borrowers continue to favor the tax deductibility and the better rates they get with secure home equity loans. Always evaluate disclosures borrowing against your home equity.
The Mortgage Lending sector continues to release new home mortgage products regardless of the subprime setbacks. Lenders are moving forward to meet the growing demands of homeowners with more interest rate options and more control for consumers. Financing Home Renovations can be easy if you would rather not drain your retirement or savings remodeling the kitchen.
Bad Credit Loans for Borrowers with poor credit scores financing debt consolidation.

Home Equity Wholesale provides discount home equity credit rates for borrowers in all regions of the country. Check with your loan officer to learn more about the monthly specials for home equity and refinance loan opportunities in your neighborhood. Our home equity loans provide fast access to cash for home remodeling, bill consolidation or straight loan refinancing. If you need to refinance your credit line and are unable to get approved for a traditional equity loan, consider a home equity loan modification to reduce the interest and monthly loan payment.

Loan Programs
Mortgage Refinance - Shop for Loans with Fixed or Adjustable Rates.

Home Purchase Loans - Finance a New Home with government incentive including an $8,000 Tax Credit!

FHA Home Loans - HUD continues the tradition Good Rates for Less than Perfect Credit Borrowers.

Bad Credit Loans - Compare Non-Prime Lending Alternatives

HELOC - In most cases, our lenders charge No Annual Home Equity Fees!

Stated Income Loans with options for Less Documentation for Self-Employed Borrowers

Jumbo Refinancing Loans for homeowners who need for large non-conforming loan amounts

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Mortgage Interest Rates

The sub-prime mortgage crisis created a ripple effect on the secondary market that led to the Federal Reserve slashing interest rates again to historical levels. Home Equity Wholesale economists believe that home equity rates will remain at record lows in 2013 and possibly 2014, depending on how quickly the housing sector rebounds. As the guidelines for equity loans loosen, new refinancing opportunities will become available for borrowers with good credit. Compare home equity and mortgage refinance loan programs to find the best loan for your cash out needs.

Problems in the mortgage market have spread into other parts of the home loan market, causing the private and secondary mortgage market to freeze up. This led to a worldwide credit crunch and affected the rates and availability for many equity loan products and jumbo home mortgages. This continues to limit the availability of many of the home equity loans, American have grown accustomed to for consolidating credit card debt, financing home repairs and cashing in for a safety-net in case of financial emergencies.

Home Equity Rates Have Fallen to New Record Lows
Comparing Fixed Home Equity Loans and Rates
Underwater Homeowners Find Relief with Obama Mortgage Refinance
Lenders Offer House Improvement Loans

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Please note that variable interest home equity line rates can change without notice. Home equity lines of credit have 120-month draw periods, followed by a 240-month principal and interest repayment period. The APR for our debt consolidation lines may vary and the interest is tied to the Prime Rate Index, as published in the Wall Street Journal (The prime rate is currently 3.75%). The APR for our home equity line is determined by credit score, total loan-to- value ratio and debt to income ratios. To qualify for the best interest rate, borrowers must have excellent credit history and have total loan to value scenarios less than 80%. We only offer credit lines and loans to 90 and 100% on a case by case basis depending on the home equity lenders current guidelines. Home equity interest rates will increase incrementally based on the amount of equity that is left after the new loan amount. Income documentation may be required. Various limitations could apply. Home equity credit and loans are subject to credit approval from lender or bank.

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