About Home Equity Wholesale

Home Equity Wholesale is a trusted mortgage loan company who provides home equity loans to consumers . We provide fixed rate home equity loans with tax deductibility for cash out refinancing, bill consolidating and remodeling. Learn how our home equity loans can be cost effective financing tools for homeowners. Through our vast knowledge of the mortgage market and our relationships within the industry, we can provide you with the lowest rate available. By combining superior loan knowledge and automated loan pricing systems, we have developed a successful strategy for approving and funding your home equity loans quickly without disrupting your life.

Why Home Equity Wholesale

We are not just another mortgage company. Our goal is to build a strong business by providing homeowners with the best home equity loan experience available online.

  • Low home equity rates
  • Creative home financing
  • Fast home equity process
  • No Shady Loan Tactics

Home Equity Wholesale Advantages

1. Low Home Equity Rates

Home Equity Wholesale works with a vast number of respected banks and mortgage lenders who specialize in different types of home equity loans. This enables us to pick the best program for each type of loan, and offer competitive interest rates to consumers for all types of home loans.

2. Creative Home Financing

Although there may be hundreds of home loan programs available, most mortgage companies are only familiar with purchase and rate and term refinancing programs. We offer prime, sub-prime, conventional, non-conforming and FHA just for starters. If you've been rejected by another lender, we still may be able to find a program that works for your financing needs. We have found a good niche with our home equity products that enable homeowners to find a home equity loan for just about every financing situation possible.

3. Fast Home Equity Process

Our home equity process was created to provide good advice with speed and accuracy. The basic steps of the process are listed below. Let our loan officers help you find the home equity loan that gets you cash at a payment that you feel good about. Full Documentation: W2’s, pay-stubs, mortgage note, mortgage payment coupon and insurance declaration-page.

4. Home Equity Rate Guarantee

There are many mortgage lenders out there today, and our loan pricing department is constantly making sure that our home equity rates are competitive for our fixed rate programs as well as our credit lines. Once you get a good faith estimate in writing, then contact us and fax over the GFE. Our goal is to beat any reasonable rate quotes by .125%. .

5. No Shady Loan Tactics

Home Equity Wholesale does not "bait and switch" and we do not quote interest rates without accurately uncovering what each applicant truly qualifies for. We take our loan approvals seriously, so give us a few minutes over the phone and our loan officers will uncover what terms and what loan programs you qualify for. We will need some basic information up front, which allows us to quote accurate rates and fees based on the borrower's current credit and the current interest rates. We'll provide you with all the information you need to make a mortgage decision, and then let you make the decision for yourself.