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Home Equity Wholesale offers cash out refinancing with 1st and 2nd mortgage loans. Our team of loan professionals will help you compare home refinance options so that can save money with lower mortgage rates. As we lower your monthly payments, we will find a way to get you additional cash back without raising your payments. Learn more about our fixed rate home refinance loans that are perfect for consolidating high interest bills into lower loan payments.

  • Cash Back Home Refinancing
  • Finance Home Remodels
  • 75- 100% TLTV (total loan to value)
  • Reduced Interest Rates
  • Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • Credit Line Refinancing
  • FHA Cash Back Refinance

Home Refinance Loan Updates –Now you can go refinance shopping online and get cash out with a 1st mortgage or home equity loan. Home Equity Wholesale connects you with discount lending that is sure to lower your current mortgage rate and reduce your mortgage payment monthly. Ask your loan officer about the pros and cons of refinancing your home.

Refinance Your Home Equity Loan –Many 1st time homebuyers financed their home with 100% financing that included a fixed rate first mortgage and a home equity loan or credit line with a dramatically higher interest rate. When you are buying a home with no money down, you can't complain, but now that you have established mortgage history, it may make sense to refinance your home equity and that save you money immediately.

Comparing Home Equity Loans Credit Lines Interest rates for home equity loans are and set with fixed rate terms and equity credit lines rates are variable and set to the “Prime Rate” index. Equity loans offer all the money at once, where as credit lines only charge you interest when you use the funds.

Refinance with a Smile!
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Home Equity Wholesale provides fast closing loans for your convenience.

If you need cash quickly…we are your lending solution.

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