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California Home Mortgage Rates

As California rates have reached 40-year lows; the housing affordability has improved in many Southern and Northern California neighborhoods. The lower California mortgage rates have helped thousands of homeowners refinance out of toxic first mortgages. Home Equity Wholesale offers a plethora of California home equity loan products with interest rate options for fixed, adjustable and interest only. Learn how our home equity financing can be the best option for home renovation and construction with great home loan rates and access to quick cash.

Home Equity Wholesale works with California lenders to offer you discounted home mortgage rates for refinance & cash out home equity loans with fixed, variable and interest only rate options.

Variable and Fixed California Interest Rates
If you live in California and want to find rock bottom loan deals, we will connect you with local lenders and mortgage brokers who cover your area for home financial services that include refinancing real estate and new home purchasing. California home equity rates are more affordable than ever, so consult with your loan officer today about program eligibility.

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California injected a $1 billion of tax-free bonds to raise capital for infrastructure projects. Tom Dresslar, a spokesman for Lockyer in Sacramento, said the “state wanted to attract more individual investors to the deal, in the hope of keeping interest rates down.” Mr Dresslar, also mentioned that state of California is working on stimulating additional investors, in an effort to maintain low interest rates.

Median third-quarter metro area single-family home prices peaked with San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara area of California, where the median price was $852,500. The 2nd most costly region was San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, at $825,400, followed by the Anaheim-Santa Ana-Irvine area located in Orange County at $700,700.

Nationwide Mortgage Loans Announced New Second Mortgage Program
California mortgage lender, Nationwide Mortgage Loans announced a new second mortgage product to help homeowners refinance their revolving equity lines of credit.  This California second mortgage program helps homeowners with fixed rate refinancing.

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