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Washington Home Mortgage Rates

The low Washington rates have helped homeowners refinance out of troubled mortgages as well. In addition, as Washington mortgage rates have declined; the affordability for buying a home has improved significantly.

Check the Washington FHA Loan Limits that were announced by HUD early this year. Many Washington borrowers are choosing FHA for first time home buying. Home Equity Wholesale has partnered with trusted Washington lending companies in Washington to offer you the best home mortgage rates online for refinance, home equity or purchase. Compare fixed, variable and interest only rate options. If you own a home and live in the state Washington and desire to lock in the best loan, we will connect you with Washington mortgage lenders who cover your area for home financial services that include refinancing real estate and new home purchasing.

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The subprime mortgage snafu has started to affect home purchases in Seattle, Washington. In an effort to have more control over their operations and restrict busy-body landlords, many plant growers took advantage of home loans that featured no income verification and ironically required no money down to purchase a new home. Many of these homebuyers were not even employed with legal jobs and unfortunately since mortgage applications were not verified, these marijuana growers were legally able to finance homes that protected their illegal acts.

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