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Loans for Debt Consolidation - Fix Your Payments

Home Equity Wholesale offers home equity loans for debt consolidation so you can save money with lower payments derived from fixed interest rate refinancing. Learn how our home equity tools can be cost effective financing tools for refinancing all your bills into a fixed rate loan. In a recent survey, we found that homeowners preferred to take out a new home equity loan for cash out rather than refinance their existing mortgage nearly 2 to 1.

  • Fixed Rate Consolidation
  • HELOC Credit Line Rates
  • 100-125% TLTV (total loan to value)
  • Lower Your Rates and Payments

Home Equity Loan Specials – You no longer need to go searching aimlessly shopping for a cash out loan online. Home Equity Wholesale gets you connected to discount lenders who offer the latest and greatest 2nd mortgage loan products as soon s they hit the market. Ask your loan officer about our home improvement loans for remodeling.

Financing Home Renovations – Install a new swimming pool and enjoy your home equity to the full extent with your tax deductible interest that is still available at historic rate levels.

Comparing Home Equity to Unsecured Loans – Borrowers continue to favor the tax write-offs with improved rates they get with secure home equity loans. The Housing Department of Urban development recommends to always reviewing loan disclosures with a financial advisor who can offer you a non-biased third-party view.

Loan Consolidation Saves Money!
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Home Equity Wholesale provides fast closing loans for your convenience.

If you need cash quickly…we are your lending solution.

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